New York Weekly Article

New York Weekly Article

Grow Hair Restoration is a natural hair care line that was established on the premise of no gimmicks. Sasha Gabrielle stepped into this line of business to make a difference. She got into the beauty industry at the age of 14 and has evolved through different expertise levels as a beauty professional. She got into sales of products when one of her clients introduced her to a Vegan Hair Care company that needed a sales representative. She took on the challenge and was able to leverage her beauty background to make high-sale volumes.

After a while, Sasha had gained more than enough experience in the beauty industry. She decided to channel her efforts and skills to build her own brand. She took it up and created Growth Hair Restoration after months of research and development. Growth Hair Restoration is a product of self-belief, a desire for independence, and a passion for creating a product that works.

Since Growth Hair Restoration products made it to the market, people who have used the products have testified their efficacy and how the products changed their lives. In Sasha’s words, “I receive daily testimonials about our products and how they instantly revive and restore their natural hair, leaving it feeling more moisturized than ever. We have top quality products that produce rapid results.”

Sasha’s goal is to enter the hair care industry and turn all the disappointing stories into positive ones. She wants to make the hair journey a smooth one for as many people as possible. With Grow Hair Restoration, nobody has to deal with hair loss due to alopecia, postpartum hairless, thinning edges, dry scalp, brittle hair, or cradle cap. Grow Hair Restoration is positioning itself to be a haircare brand that works, and the reviews have so far been raving.

Beyond catering to users directly, Grow Hair Restoration is also positioning itself in the beauty industry as the top hair care product that beauty professionals can recommend to their clients. And a noteworthy thing about this brand is that all its products work for everyone and every type of hair.

Before Sasha built her brand fully, she tested the waters by making some products for people to try. Her customers and clients who tried the product all experienced significant positive changes. This spurred her to kick start her brand. Grow Hair Restoration offers products like shampoo, hair growth, grease, conditioner, and thermal protector. The brand also prides itself on offering 100% natural products and free from harsh chemicals, waxes, parabens, and sulfates.

Sasha has a vision that Grow Hair Restoration will become a household product that many people will come to identify with. “We have a product that serves a purpose, and we have ensured that by going out of our way to create fully natural products. We do not intend for our customers to use anything that might make them feel any other way than natural,” Sasha says.

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